• Automated Security Gate Patio Door
  • Automated Security Gate Patio Door
  • Automated Security Gate Patio Door

Automated Security Gate Patio Door

Brand: GAT

Product origin: Xiamen,China

Delivery time: 30 days

Supply capacity: 200 Units/Week

The security gate has the human temperature measurement function with precision value.
Stainless steel shell makes it strong and durable, not easy to deformation and corrosion resistance.
The patio door security can make surface spraying on people, pets, goods and other objects for automization disinfection in 360° all-round way .The mist spraying without wetting your clothes.
It can be a gate security as it has ID card or face recognition.
Automatically open the door when human ID card or face recognition is right.
The security gate door can be used in hospitals, factories, offices or your lovely house, to provide disinfection and safe protection.

Automated Security Gate Patio Door

Security gate disinfection door can measure the temperature perfectly enough to record the data of passing visitors. 

Intelligent function is set, including ID card, face recognition and mobile dynamic code dialing trace.

The automated gates can be put in front of the hospital, hotel, home etc. public area and easily to be moved with 4 casters.

When the visitor face recognition is accepted or temperature tested is normal, the disinfection spraying function starts, after 20 seconds atomization, the automated gates open the metal auto doors and close after the vistors left. 

Security gate door with any size, function customized is welcome.

patio door security

Power supply:AC110V/220V   

Max power consumption:1kw/h      

Tank capacity:38L

Liquid consumption:4L/h

Environment:Indoors,above 5℃ (thermostat is required for low temperature areas)

Body material:304 SS

Dynamic code display:1 pc

ID reader:1 set

Automatic thermometer:1 set

Atomization system: 1 set: 

Disinfection tray: 1pc

Antislide matt:1pc

Pump(accessory) :1 set

Pulley(accessory): 4 pcs

It is easy to replenish the solution, accessoried with our pump with pipe.

Insert the pipe in this security gate door water inlet port, and power on the pump, disinfection solution is automatically replenished.

security gate

The switch panel on gate security machine is easy for your operation. The Atomization function can be turned off individually without affecting the security gate access entry function.

automated gates

Our factory of stainless steel security gate door is assembled:

patio door security

security gate

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