• Airport Full Body Sanitizing Disinfection Booth
  • Airport Full Body Sanitizing Disinfection Booth
  • Airport Full Body Sanitizing Disinfection Booth
Airport Full Body Sanitizing Disinfection Booth

Brand: GAT

Product origin: Xiamen,China

Delivery time: 30 days

Supply capacity: 100 Units/week

1.Our Airport Whole Body Disinfection Sentry Box can be customized according to customers' requirements,such as sizes and functions.

2.This airport disinfection booth can measure the temperature perfectly enough to record the data of passing passengers in real time for governments to follow who is rightly at this airport.

3.This full body disinfection booth can spray the mist covering full body and their luggage.The mist spraying won't wet your clothes.quick and safe.
4.GAT has held a number of patents for this guard disinfection booth.

Airport Full Body Sanitizing Disinfection Booth

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Technical parameter

Productfull body disinfection booth
Outside diameter dimension1200*2360*800 or customized
Booth size800*2000*800
Power Supply220V
Total Power630W
Conversion Volume4L/H
Scene useairport,hotels,supermarkets and school entrance
It can be customized according to different types of scenes.

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The access control system of the disinfection booth is perfect enough to record the data of passing passengers.

This cleantech disinfection booth Intelligent is used for epidemic prevention and detection in high-flow and highly crowded airport. It can conduct non-contact infrared temperature detection via facial recognition and hand washing-free disinfection for people passing through. Meanwhile, it makes surface spray on people, pets, goods and other objects for atomization disinfection in 360° all-round way. If the temperature is detected as abnormal, the voice alarm function will give an audible and visual alarm to remind the guard to conduct the second screening. The equipment adopts food-grade safe disinfectant, 100% harmless to human body and the disinfectant operates by adding liquid automatically. Spray time can be adjusted as needed. The equipment has casters, more flexible and convenient to move with the change of places. This sanitizing booth is scientific, safe , and beautiful in design with the function of automatic collection of effluent, also with the characteristic of environmental protection.

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