R&D of 6G will boost disinfection tunnel upgrade


      China will "fully" promote the research and development of 6G as well as other cutting-edge technologies — including humanoid robots, the metaverse and quantum technology — this year so as to better support the construction of a modern industrial system, the top industry regulator said on Wednesday.

"Accelerated steps will be made to make action plans to develop these future industries. We also encourage local governments to carry out trials in these fields," said Jin Zhuanglong, minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information        Technology, at a news conference of the State Council Information Office.

While leading countries are mapping out 6G, Jin said China has already established IMT-2030 (6G) Promotion Group — a flagship platform that promotes 6G and international cooperation — and is "steadily" promoting the R&D of this cutting-edge technology.

       To speed up the building of a modern industrial system, Jin urged more efforts to strengthen weak links during the development of core technologies and construct independent and manageable industrial chains.

"More measures will also be implemented to cultivate strategic emerging industries, such as artificial intelligence, biological manufacturing, intelligent connected vehicles, the internet of things and low-carbon development," he said.

       Our sterilizer cabin is designed with a dynamice code display, it is based on the cellphone telecommunication technology, the 6G R&D development will boost our product grade and spurs us to develop products with more functions.

For dialing dynamic code, passer uses cellphone to dial the dynamic code on the dynamic code display, and hang up after connection. The disinfection tunnel system will record the dialing cellphone number for following trace and other management purpose.

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