GUOANTE Sanitizer Tunnel Help to Stop Covid-19 in New School Year


The first day of 2021-2022 school year has finally arrived!

at this day, all of the middle school and primary schools are open for new school year.


This year has so far seen the covid-19 pandemic reach crevices of the world, Hunan province, located in the middle of China, that had previously managed to keep the virus mostly at zero for nearly year.


According to the new school year work plan issued by Changsha City Education Bureau, the school opening will be arranged carefully, and the requirements of epidemic prevention and control have been taken into account. According to the Work Plan, the school must monitor and know the health conditions and itinerary of all teachers and students during summer vacation and before returning to school.


All students must ensure personal protection, carry masks with you, avoid crowded places, especially places with poor air ventilation. Wear a mask in crowded and closed places. Keep good hygiene habits such as hand washing, one-meter social distancing, using serving chopsticks, separate dining, and covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.


In preparation for the new school year, faculty and staff have worked so hard during the last few weeks preparing a warm and welcoming environment for all new and returning students.


According to the requirement, before step into the school, all of the students need to have temperature checking, nowadays, many school were equipped with intellectual sanitizer tunnel, this device able to have temperature checking and disinfecting at the same time, which can reduce contagion during checking.


As one of the leading manufacturer, GUOANTE already sold many sanitizer tunnels both in China and other countries, and won its reputation for the top quality and perfect service.


The campus, that has been quiet during the holidays, now is once again full of excited students and teachers, filled with greetings, warm welcome, great excitement and happiness.

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