Gate Access Control Entrance Gate Sanitizing Tunnel Launched


We launched the new product Gate Access Control Entrance Gate Sanitizing Tunnel at the beginning of April.

This front door security gate uses the reinforced PE plastic which make its weight lighter, with four casters for easier moving. The product still retains the human body temperature measurement, spray disinfection, face recognition, dynamic code function and visitor information record and photo storage etc. functions.


The product is equipped with a set of automatic door opening system, it only open the door automatically for authorized visitors. It is suitable to use in hospital operating rooms, food factories, hotels and family residence with security entrance control management requirements. Due to the integrated mold forming, the product has a more smoothy streamlined appearance. The standardized production and assembly of unified molds greatly increase the output of our products, to meet the needs of our major customers, and reduce the orders production time. Once the product front door security gate sanitizer tunnel was released, it was favored by our major customers in Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia, South America and other countries.

 The current order quantity is more than 500 units, which will be shipped successively in early May.

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